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Welcome to Vivero Glass. This is a little site where I display some of the fused glass jewelry I make.

I make pendants and buttons, and I’m starting to make magnets too. (I’m also working on my photography, which sometimes leaves something to be desired.)

To make my shiny little baubles, I use fusible glass that I assemble into one-of-a-kind designs which I then fire in a glass fusing kiln at 1475 degrees F. The fusing process involves several stages, with the temperature increases and decreases precisely controlled by a programmable thermostat. This ensures that the glass anneals and cools properly, which ensures the durability of each piece.

I love to experiment with colour and composition, and I also enjoy the challenge of making tiny images from minuscule, precisely shaped fragments of glass. At times I will hand-paint a tiny design using liquid glass, which, when fired, becomes fused in to the glass it’s painted on.

For many years I’ve had an infatuation with snowglobes, so I enjoy thinking of things to put ‘inside’ them.

I love to do custom work. If you have an idea, let me know.

I have a selection of items for sale in my Etsy Shop. I will be updating it with new listings on an ongoing basis.

You can also find my pendants and buttons firsthand in the following shops:

The Loop, Halifax Nova Scotia (buttons)

Love, Me Boutique, Halifax, Nova Scotia (pendants)

Serendipin’Art, St. Andrews New Brunswick (pendants and buttons)

Homework, Prince Rupert B.C.

The menu above shows the main pages, but there are subpages that you can see in the sidebar to the right. I’ve organized photos of different styles of my pieces. This is a work in progress.

Please keep in mind that any of the specific items you see may or may not be available, as I fill orders. You can let me know what styles, designs, colours you like and I can make similar designs or custom items.


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Welcome to Vivero Glass

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